Oceana: When Did Adam Lambert Join This Band?

The latest and worst in mall rock

Now with more mullet and suck

A big thanks to metalsucks for posting up this garbage and then inspiring me to rant a bit about it. Shit like this really makes for good content on our site seeing as our domain name is the definition of anything as cookie cutter as this band is.

“I’m not real I was never born”
If you can make it to the chorus of the song you’ll get that tasty and inspirational lyric.
Waah mom, I’m so dead to the world. No one cares I’m alive. Blah blah blah.

Do me a favor, if you happen to come across anyone that ever says that Oceana is their favorite band, or that “Oceana rocks!” give them a good viking kick to their dome silo and cut their mullet off as a trophy. Take a high res photo of said mullet trophy and send it to: webmaster@notmetal.net.

And yes, how unfortunate they have a different vowel than the much hyped but much suck deathbreakdown band Oceano. Fuck…

Now clean your ears and eyes out with this.

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  1. John says:

    parents suck!!!!!!!!!!! that was horrendous…

  2. John says:

    also that Meshuggah video is insanity…

  3. Scott says:

    who ever wrote this is a fag. thats why ur ass is talking shit, and oceana is touring and actually doing something. do the world a favor and kill urself, for u sir, are garbage.

  4. JerkNugget says:

    Adam Lambert is a big fag and if your boyfriend voted for him he might like to suck dick too.

    And yes, this video is awful. I love how the drummer and guitarists headbang and jump around like they are actually playing something heavy. Ahhh….bad music, you will never die.

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