High On Fire Have Returned

And may have the best record of the year (so far)


How fitting it would be that the last post I’ve been able to get up in the past 2 months has been about High On Fire. Funny thing is, I’ve been burnt out on metal for awhile (like early December ’09, I discovered the wonder of Zombi), and that has everything to do with why the posts have been so scant. Thankfully, by the beginning of this year I have discovered a a wealth of bands I forgot to check out that had great records last year, such as Cobalts’ ,“Gin”, and The Gates Of Slumbers’,“Hymns Of Blood And Thunder”. Both of which, got me back on the metal gravy train.

Well, tonight, I came in my pants listening to just ONE new song off High On Fires’ “Snakes For The Divine”. Actually, I listened to two songs, but yeah the record starts off with what I think may be better than AC/DCs’ intro-tap to “Thunderstruck”. No joke, science!

For the time being, as this is the myspace rip that is streaming as I type this, I will save a full review of this awesomely expansive sounding record for a later date.

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  1. Sat says:

    Long live the stoner rock gods! They also win the award for best album cover ever.

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